Journey agent

my first tune    
  Back in Town straight ahead & latin    
  Format latin jazz    
  30 avenue Bugeaud slow athmosphere for a love affaire play  
  Marion B. waltz to Marion Brown    
  Max & Moritz medium swing    
  Pony 12/8 & straight ahead    
  The Message slow grove    
  In Between those Changes ballad to Peter Kosch play  
  Yaounde bossa    
  Dodo shuffle    
  Valse à mes Femmes dedicated to Julie & Christiane    
  Jean qui sait slow bossa    
  La Meduse ballad    
  La Rentrée bouncing theme    
  The Beginning & the End to Pharoah play  
  Eiland up tempo to Aldous Huxley play  
  Soliloqui ballad to J.Krishna Murti    
  Les Sorciers where I live    
  Rupakam 3/4 tala to S. Rajaram play  
  Sleeping Giant 8 feel take off    
  Spirale slow  
  Die Dunkelheit ist da suite for speaker & jazz sextett
words by E.Alexander

Little Waltz to say Good Bye

  What to do 9/4 pallavi play
  House groove    
  Esmeralda salsa    
  Tim func    
  Oiseau africain raggae    
  big band      
  Horace in Bayern to Horace Parlan   score
  Got cha funk    
  Pets de nonne blues    
symphonic &film scoring
  Marga composition for a symphonic wind ensemble play  
  Dhruva 7/4 variations for a nonet  
is already playing
  Psychobird symphonic trailer with video play  
  La Conchée orchestral suite for a slide & 3d animation play  
  Once upon a time ouverture play  
  Ratte, Caroline, Schneemann music for a children tv serie